The New Way to Pay.

Don't like Stripe? No problem – with Gateway you can finally accept payments for your Ghost blog with other leading payment platforms, including Merchant of Record (MoR) solutions like Paddle.

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Step-by-step payments and integration.


Integrating Gateway is easy and fast.


Payment provider handles the sensitive data.

Works with and 

A Gateway to Better Payments

Integrating Gateway is very easy. You just need 3 API keys, your Blog's API key, your Paddle API key, and your Mailgun API key. Gateway will do the rest for you, in the background.

Update membership status

User Interface for starting/managing/cancelling a subscription, renewal notifications, payment schedules, and more!

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Why Paddle?

Paddle is a Merchant of Record (MoR) payment platform. That means, when you sell something through Paddle, they'll take on the role of the seller. That also means they handle all the global sales tax you'd normally have to deal with, when using Stripe.

A Secure Foundation

Gateway doesn't handle payments directly, that's why it's not PCI DSS compliant. All payments (and with that all sensitive customer data) is handled by Paddle. Gateway is, as the name suggests, just the Gateway between Paddle and your Blog.

Safe API secrets storage
SSL TLS 1.2 encrypted traffic
All payment data handled by Paddle's infrastructure
Preliminary safety checks in place

Predictable Pricing

Pay what you use: Gateway only charges you when it handles a transaction. That means you only pay when you get money through your connected payments provider.

$ 0.15/ transaction (*)

Everyone pays the same price for these awesome features:

Easy integration Basic statistics Custom domain Unlimited subscribers Coupons No hidden fees Mailgun connection SSL Secured

(*) Monthly minimum account charge of $1 applies. Tax is included.